Camera Issues

We’re having problems with our camera- we have the vision set-up, but it does not display on the dashboard. I’ve looked through several threads on here, but I haven’t been able to fix it still. There’s screenshots of vision and our dashboard project as well. Any suggestion as to what we should be doing to get it to work? We also configured it/got it working on the web.

From your code sample:

I assume you are using an Axis IP camera?

I also assume you have manually set the Axis camera IP to a static

If these are correct guesses, then you do not need the Vision Processing code on the roboRIO. I would comment it out for now.

The Dashboard gets an IP camera image directly from the camera, so
delete or comment out the global “Camera IP” feeding into the “Camera Dashboard MJPG” vi.
Relace it with a hardcoded string:

Yes, we are using an AXIS Camera and have manual set it to that IP. Okay, we will fix that in the program today, and hopefully that will work! Thank you very much!