Camera Jitters

With the streamlined version of Kevin’s code loaded into the FRC Controller, the camera will sweep as it looks for the target. When the camera.c/h terminal.c/h and tracking.c/h is added to our code and


is called in the Process_Data_From_Master_uP in user_routines.c. With the code loaded into the FRC Controller, the camera will only jitter in place. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like your code is trying to use the PWM outputs assigned to the pan and tilt servos. Do a global search on pwm01 and pwm02 to see they appear outside of ifi_aliases.h and tracking.h.


Thank you for your support. Our camera is now operating as it should.

Was it the gain setting?

Edit: Or was something else trying to use those PWM outputs?


No, it wasn’t the gain setting. The default code mapped the pwm 1/2 to joysticks, commenting them out fixed the problem since we weren’t using those two for the robot control.