Camera leads to kernel exception?

We’re trying to get image streaming working with our camera to the dashboard (we’re using C++). The code we’re using for setting up the image streaming is this:

	AxisCamera& camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();

which runs exactly once in our project, and runs only after the robot has been powered on for 10 seconds (to allow the camera to boot). However, this code makes my program crash with a kernel fault; it crashes within some vxworks network calls (recv). The actual robot program dies, but I do get a picture on the dashboard from the camera.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?


Setup NetConsole (from the WPI C++ updates page, initial version of WPILib for the season) and post what errors come up

With the dashboard pictures, are they continuing after the crash or is it a still picture once it crashes?

Where is this in your code? We had something similar, and it appeared that every time camera went out-of-scope, the global camera object was destroyed. The next time it came into scope it was re-constructed and destroyed again when it went out of scope. At least this was our theory.

As soon as we made sure the camera object stayed in scope. See the thread: for some hints about how to do that.

Hi 281. Are you sure you have the latest updates? Just adding the camera code caused terminatin everytime until the last update.