Camera lens not straight?

Has anyone noticed that the camera doesn’t point exactly at the target even though the pan.servo is reading 128.???

It’s not any adjustment in our mounting either. The camera is responsible for centering the centroid in the field of view regardless of how the servo is mounted. The only way it can point straight is if we shim the lens about 15 degrees.

We found that the pan.servo was positioned to 135 not 128 when the centroid was @ 80 which places it exactly in the center of the field.The packet:
T 80 120 60 100 100 140 32 158 135 131

clearly shows the mid mass of X is @ 80 which is 1/2 of the width of 159. Changed both the camera moduleand UbiCom board… same problem…


Not sure what you mean here… our camera won’t always look like its pointing at something, but it will still have a lock on it and track it sucessfully… Is the red light steady on the front of the camera?