Camera Lighting Values At Regionals

At Trenton FIRST made an announcement that they had the lighting values for the arena, we got them but never put them in. We went to a number of other teams and asked them if they were using them and they all said no because their camera worked fine with the default values, so did ours. Im wondering is there a reason to put these values in? If there is how do we put them in? Do we change the R_MIN_DEFAULT, R_MAX_DEFAULT values, and by how much?



We had our own camera values working at trenton, luckly. When we first heard they had RGB values for us, we were wondering how close the were to ours even though we already had the camera tracking the light fine… when we first got them there was a really high green value (like 156) and low red and blue values… (like 47) and i immediatly realized they were using RGB instead of YcRcB which is what the kevin watson camera code works with… so we told the pit admin and she said she would tell the guy who does it… the next day we find out they have YcRcB values, so we tried it out in our pits, and it immediatly was tracking every light in the stadium…

You should go into labview and take a picture of the green light in your pit, take those rgb values and staturation and enter them into “camera.h”

If you still cant get your values strait we’ll be in Palmetto and nationals, come by our pit and ill share our values with you…

heh we’ll be in Palmetto as well ;). Anyway whats the point of even going into labview when the current values work? If I want to change those values would I just edit these lines in camera.h to something else?

#define R_MIN_DEFAULT   85      // Rmin for call to Track_Color()^M
#define R_MAX_DEFAULT   115     // Rmax for call to Track_Color()^M
#define G_MIN_DEFAULT   15      // Gmin for call to Track_Color()^M
#define G_MAX_DEFAULT   17      // Gmax for call to Track_Color()^M
#define B_MIN_DEFAULT   100 // Bmin for call to Track_Color()^M
#define B_MAX_DEFAULT   145 // Bmax for call to Track_Color()^M

What would I change the default min and default max for each since Im getting an exact number?

Ugh, do you know the name of the person you talked with?


It was a pit admin, she said she would forward it to the right person… i have no idea where the note went after i gave it to her.

At the PNW Regional the official values only had one value different and it was off by 1.