Camera Limitations? (are there any?)


I noticed very little talk about the camera that can be used by the cRio at the demonstrations and I just got around to thinking that with all the new processing power and software tools for image recognition (OCR for example) it seems very likely that there will be a need for a high quality camera on board the robot.

Currently It seems that the Demo-Bots have a 320x240 camera that is very low quality (even at that resolution) and there were mentions of the frame rate being limited even at that resolution.

Could you point me in the direction to find out more about what cameras can be used, frame size limitations and frame rate limitations?



I’ve added this to the Q&A thread:

Thanks Chris!

Basicaly I can tell that alot of things are still being finalized so we’ll just have to wait around until you guys finalize those things!

Please be quick! :smiley:


I doubt you’ll find anyone who wishes otherwise!!!