Camera live feed problems

Ok, I know this is like my 30th post about the axis camera but now it’s much different, I added the camera to the code it built perfectly and was downloaded to the robot no problems so after I re-boot the robot after loading the code, I got a live feed from the camera for approximately 10 seconds then the ds loot connection to the robot and an exception error pops up in windriver on a separate computer that i use to program the robot, and it asked me if I want to attach the debugger. I really do not know how to fix this error and all the hardware’s and software’s are up to date, can someone help me please?

here’s the code:

		    HSLImage image;     //Creates an image
		    AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();

I am wondering, could lack of Hard Drive memory on the driver station be the problem?

My team had a similar problem last year, but I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been fixed yet. This may be the solution you’re looking for, but with newer versions of WPILib it could be something completely different.

Our trouble was with WPILib itself when using the newer camera - the AxisCamera and AxisCameraParams classes do not use semaphores correctly when accessing the camera, leading to a race condition.

I posted this thread detailing the fix last year. Since the HTML links don’t work in the archive, Joe Hurler’s original fix is here, and the download for the patch files is [here](;jsessionid=8E7B6417DEDBCA23A2DF73EA6D9F2E D6?id=atch1476).