Camera moving but not tracking

it’s kind of weird, that camera moves, and moves kinda differently when it sees the color, especially green

It seems to simply follow the routine that it supposed to move, and it moves faster for a sec or two when it sees the color

Also, it works fine but often it faces the sky, do not move vertically but only horizontally

Is the camera locking onto something else? In other words, have you limited the range for the hue, saturation, and luminescence? Is there a lot of “noise” when you’re tracking something?

Considering some of those might help a bit…

Is this LV based or C++ based?

If LV, use probes or the panel displays to determine the actual colors and such.

From your description, it sounds like you may even have the servos hooked up different from what the SW expects. You might try disconnecting one and see if the movement doesn’t indicate the bug. Also, turning off the servo movement and looking at the error terms and the value that would be sent to the servo is useful for debugging.

Greg McKaskle

We just figured out how to track the color

Now we have to figure out how to make robot follow

We’re using windriver, c++.

Now the problem is, as soon as it starts, camera faces up and doesn’t move vertically. It moves horizontally, and it stops when it sees the color in the sky lol