Camera not connecting to SmartDashboard

When trying to use the camera in a latest build of SmartDashboard (with either a camera widget or a custom one derived from the camera one), a pink box shows up that says something like “Cannot Connect to Camera”. However, using the same IP adress that’s set for the properties of the dashboard widget, we can see the video in a web browser. The camera has an FRC account/password, and it also allows anonymous viewing. This problem has been happening on and off, and sometimes, but usually not, restarting SmartDashboard makes it start working after a minute or so. Right now, it’s doing this all the time.

Has anyone had similar problems? Is there a fix?

We have the same problem, without the “happening on and off”. It’s all the time for us. It works with the web browser and the default dashboard, but all we get is “no connection” in the smartdashboard.

If SmartDashboard camera display doesn’t work, log into the camera and see if the anonymous user support is enabled. It is not used by the LV dashboard, but is used for SmartDashboard.

Greg McKaskle

Anonymous viewing was enabled.

I’m not sure what changed, but now the vanilla camera widget is usually working fine, but my custom subclass is not, except for occasional blinking. Removing the contents of processImage (except for the return statement) makes it work the same as the base camera class.

I suppose there could be something in either my code or the OpenCV wrapper that is causing the extension to crash.