Camera not displaying on FRC dashboard

We have been troubleshooting the FRC camera with the dashboard, because we are getting no video feed. We have already updated the driver station, along with various replacements on the camera. We are getting a framerate on the Driver Station but no image in the display area. This is not on the Classmate laptop (We haven’t been able to find it since last year), and we have made sure that the camera was properly configured. What could be causing this, and how could I solve it?

What dashboard are you using?

The standard FRC one that came on the LabView DVD with all updates from NI. It’s not the Java or C++ dashboard either.

Did you use the camera tool?

I did, it’s configured to in terms of IP. I can access it from the web UI with the username and password of FRC/FRC - and see it just fine. So, I’m doubting configuration errors, and I’m leaning more towards dashboard issues.

Can your code use the camera?

Also make sure anonymous viewing is enabled if using a m1011

Dunno if the code can use the cam (Never tried, and probably won’t need to because we have no autotargeting) and I have anonymous access enabled. I’m worried, because the camera is crucial to proper operation.

If your camera bandwidth is to high, i.e., using all the maximum defaults, then you won’t get a picture on the Dashboard, but it will report bandwidth.

You must get the video stream bandwidth down under, at most, 5Mb/s.
You do this by clicking on the Dashboard camera controls and:

  • lower fps
  • raise compression
  • lower resolution
    The Dashboard allows you to play with mixing the settings and being able to see the results immediately.