Camera Not Showing SmartDashboard

For some reason, I cannot get the SmartDashboard to show the camera feed. It just says “NO CONNECTION”. It does have the correct IP and if I use the regular FRC Dashboard, it shows the feed with no problems whatsoever. I have tried re-installing EVERYTHING but to no avail. Right now the camera is running through the bridge and our driver station laptop is connecting wirelessly through its built-in WiFi to the bridge. Any ideas? Thanks!

Jordan Rodgers
Team 4 Element

Check if you limited the camera stream fps. I found setting it to 30 if everything else is correct works. Otherwise, turn on anonymous viewing, make sure windows firewall is off, and turn off anti virus.

Wow… It was the resolution setting the whole time -_- Thank you so much! You saved me a whole lot of frustration.

Can you describe what was wrong with the resolution? Was that the only thing that was changed?

Greg McKaskle

That’s the same thing I’m wondering. I have yet to be able to get our team’s camera to function at all with the SmartDashboard.

I spoke too soon. It has now returned to just saying “NO CONNECTION”. What I did first was set the settings for the regular Dashboard to 640x480, 0% compression, and 30 fps. It worked for a while but the other day, I turned everything back on and it was back to the way it was. Any other ideas?

If you create the project from the dashboard template, we can debug it. There is a vision loop that requests MJPEGs, waits for their arrival, decodes and displays them. One of those steps is likely failing, possibly due to camera settings or firewall settings. If your camera doesn’t work and you’d like it to, please build the project and see if you can narrow it down. If you have questions, please ask.

I don’t have a failing camera connection to debug. I have never seen this and I don’t think guessing at a solution is very productive.

Greg McKaskle

Make sure that you set the team number property on the camera viewer in the SmartDashboard. And make sure that you are running the SmartDashboard from the start menu not the Netbeans or Workbench version.

The SmartDashboard installed by the C++ or Java plugins won’t offer the option to display the camera since it needs some more libraries to do the image capture and display. Have you installed it from the SmartDashboard project?

The latest release is the installer V1.04 and is available here:

and the directions for installing it are here:

Be sure that the team number is set in the camera properties as described in the screensteps web page.