Camera Problem

This year my team members wan to be able to use the camera on our robot. So I followed the steps to set up the users accounts and I made a code I’m not sure if that is he problem but when I downloaded the code I got no feedback on the dashboard. I do not know what I did wrong I updated the cRio, FRC tools, the Driverstation, and windriver but still the same problem. The code I have for it is:

#include "Vision/AxisCamera.h"
#include "Vision/HSLImage.h"

AxisCamera *camera;

ds = DriverStation::GetInstance();

operator control:
        HSLImage image;     //Creates an image
        AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();

You shouldn’t need to include these two headers if your Workbench and libraries are fully up to date, just WPILib.h.

Have you configured your AxisCamera as per the manual?

We finally got our working thanks to kind people on here. We had ours mounted on a piece of lexan that was over the reset button and it was getting interrmittenly pressed. Make sure the button is clears the mounting.

Also use a crossover cable between the camera and the CRIO port 2.

I thought the problem was that I did not have those headers in, I inserted them in to the code to see if it would work, and I have followed he steps in the manual step by step and still nothing.

Its working now thanks for your help, the problem was the password for the FRC account… I think!