Camera Problems, Again

Team 870 has a camera issue. We’ve been able to assign IP addresses to our router, adapter, and camera. We are able to see live streaming video when linked to the camera directly via ethernet, through the router via ethernet, and through the gaming adapter over wireless from the router. However, when we try to connect through the cRIO, we are unable to find live streaming video through the browser or dashboard. We are aware that many teams are having similar problems, does anyone have a fix or some ideas for us.
Thank You ,

We’ve traced the camera issues with what we think is a programming error.
Since our lead programmer is away, we’re stuck with pretty much no knowledge of C++.
Except that we know that // means a comment. One of the libraries for the camera that we include in our header page was commented out. We un-commented, but then were confronted with an error message.
Vision/AxisCamera2010.h: No such file or directory.
So, this seems like a fairly simple problem to fix. O experienced programmers, how do we acquire this library?

Since you know there have been many posts about this, you should tell us what suggestions in those posts you’ve tried. Installing the labview update? DS update? Uninstalling the DS update? FRC/FRC account?

You should not have assigned a new IP address to the camera.
It should be left at the default address of

That address is compatible with the cRIO port 2 IP address.