Camera problems.

I am a relatively new member of FIRST and Chief Delphi. My programming team and I have been trying to use a webcam to do vision processing but we need some assistance. We are testing a generic webcam, not as a robot project, but rather as a regular vi. We are unsure of even how cameras operate in LabVIEW, which makes us even more confused when we get errors that don’t really help us. If any of you here on Chief Delphi could help out by posting examples or links to tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated.

The FRC LV install doesn’t contain generic webcam drivers. Perhaps that is a good add for next year. Can you use the Axis camera? Then it will work with all of the examples as well.

Greg Mckaskle

Sorry, again I’m new, so can you explain what an axis camera is?

Back when FRC used LabVIEW 8.6, I once used IMAQ USB to use a webcam. It’s a free toolkit from NI that allows USB webcams to act as IMAQ devices. It seemed OK for what I was trying to do.

I’d look into it on the NI site.

The Axis camera is an Ethernet camera provided in the KOP. Originally it was an Axis 206, now it is an Axis M1011.

As to vision in LabVIEW, look through the LV help on IMAQ and the Vision and Motion tab of the functions palette.