Camera Problems

Hi everyone,
Our Axis 226 camera won’t even communicate with the computer when we connect them via ethernet cable. I’m just trying to configure it, but the ring on the camera won’t even glow to show that it’s connected, and the configuring tool on the computer can’t find the camera.

But something is glowing, I hope? (Just a general “Hey I’m powered on” light)

If I remember correctly, the axis camera uses a crossover ethernet cable.

nothing is glowing, and yes we’ve been using the yellow crossover ethernet cable. Do we need to hook it up to any other external power source, because there is another plug in it.

Yes, you need to either plug in the wall plug or the 5V power on the PD board (depending on whether or not you’ve made the cable already).

There should be a cable that came with the camera that lets you plug it into a wall outlet. You can set up the camera using a wall outlet. To use it on your robot, snip the cable close to ac/dc adapter (black box that plugs into the wall) and wire it to the +5v output of the power distribution board.

Once you get lights to blink, you can read through this to get it configured

Unfortunately, it seems like we’ve misplaced the plug in power source because this camera is a few years old and this is the first time we’ve ever used it. Does anyone know if we can order a new plug in power source?

The camera uses a size=. Wire it to the 5 volt output from the Power Distribution Board, positive to the center and negative to the barrel.[/size]

Thank you so much for your help!