Camera Problems

My team has always struggled with cameras. We seem to get extreme latency and lag, we are using a raspberry pi coprocessor with frcvision and a lifecam at 144x176@30fps but have experimented with other cameras but have not really noticed any improvement with anything.

Hmmmm. Remember that there’s a number of components between capturing the image, and displaying it on your driver station. The Camera itself, the USB connection to the RIO or the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry PI/RIO itself, the ethernet cable between that processor and the radio, the radio’s wifi link to the driver station, the driver station itself, the web browser or program on the driver station, etc.

When troubleshooting, I’d recommend taking it one step at a time. Be a scientist! “Swap out” one piece at a time and observe the effects. What actions improve the lag, which make it worse?

Also, try to start with a combination of hardware and software that is known to work. For example, our team has used a Raspberry Pi 3b running the default FRC vision image, a Microsoft LifeCam, a 5-year-old Dell business laptop, and google Chrome to view a webcam stream with acceptable latency (under 300ms, I think? Good enough for the drivers not to care).


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