Camera questions

I have a few questions on the camera that i haven’t been able to find answers to. Do i need to reference the camera in the begin and end vi? Also, what should i set the FPS as? I did use the prewritten code on labview but i just need those few things and I’ll be done! Thank you!:]

Yes. You do need to. The camera acts as any sensor would, so you should open it in the begin VI and close it the finish VI.
Also, regarding the frame rate, I think you can keep the default one and be ok without changing it.

As long as you are only getting the camera image in the Vision VI it doesn’t matter if you open the camera in the Begin VI and close the camera in the Finish VI or do everything in the Vision VI. If you are doing vision processing however, I recommend removing all the camera set settings VIs when the camera is opened. That way you can set all the settings manualy via the camera’s webpage and not worry about the code changing something.

As mentioned, the Open can be moved to Begin if you prefer. It was moved to the Vision VI so that if a team wants to remove vision, they simply comment out or delete one VI and don’t have remnants still causing errors or affecting launch time.

The camera settings are retained by the Axis camera. So it is up to you to decide how you prefer they be set. Setting them in the code means there aren’t side-effects caused by some web stuff that may have happened or caused by a camera swap. Leaving them out of the code gives you the flexibility to move the modifications to another tool and leaves the code out of it. Both good strategies as long as everyone understands the system.

Greg McKaskle