Camera Requirements.....?

I have searched to no avail, I’m drawing back no information. I recall reading somewhere that there are only certain cameras allowed to be used in FRC. Is that true, and if so, can someone direct me to the information? I’m working on developing some image hardware and want to ensure compliance before I introduce items to students. The current MS camera only has a focal length of 1.5 M, not real accurate for long range targeting, in perspective, to make target acquisition more reliable.

Any feedback would be great. I’m new to the forum but not to electronics or mechanics (35+ years) and robotics (5 years +).


Where are you finding the legal list of cameras? The WPILIB.screansetupslive only gives examples of a few and the communication about using the MS life-cam and others is that they are tested and working with the roborio. We do use mostly the cameras list here simply because we get them from first choice. I do know team use the Pixi cams, Jvois, Lime light if it works use it.

What camera is in question?

You can use any wired camera you like as long as it is available for less than the max per item cost in the rules (R12), but not all cameras are supported equally by the standard robot drivers and libraries, so testing and development may be necessary.

There are limitations on wireless communication and the camera must use the wireless network provided by the robot radio/field AP to communicate with the human drivers.

There is a restriction on broadcast bandwidth of 7Mb/s this year, but as a practical matter you should not be anywhere near that limit, because due to non-field traffic some venues cannot support that much. If a conflict occurs you will be asked to turn down your bandwidth usage.

Thanks for the replies I had thought I read that there were only certain ones authorized, passing memories!, but may have been only what has been offered through FIRST in KOPs.

I don’t think that BW from this year would even be operationally feasible but allowing suitable bandwidth for communications to the robot are definitely effected by the camera(s) you use.

Again, thanks for the responses and hope to be a bit more active on Chief Delphi as we expand some of our possibilities for our students. Keeping the students first in the process of development!