camera ?s: multiple cameras, changing exposure

I have a few questions regarding the cameras.

1.) I know it is possible to connect a camera directly to the bridge, and view its output on the dashboard (after going through the tutorial).
I have made this work with one camera, would is possible to connect two or three cameras to the bridge, and view all of them on the dashboard? (i.e. would it run into bandwith, routing, or other issues when connected to the field system)

2.) The tracking algorithm that our team has developed requires us to screw with the white balance and exposure settings by shining a light in the camera, telling it to auto-adjust, then telling it to hold the current settings. This results in an image that is very dark and not very useful to the drivers when the camera is not tracking. Is there a way to make “preset” settings that the camera can switch between to make switching between modes easier?

Thank you very much for any help!

It is possible to have three cameras using the dlink. I’ve tested it, and the bandwidth problem I had was that the old laptop couldn’t decompress and display three 640x480 images at 30fps each. The rest of the equipment was fine.

As far as I know the Axis API doesn’t allow for a numeric exposure setting. There was a post by a team who claimed they found the a dynamic/image.conf file which stored the “Hold” values. They indicated success at ftping a file with new values. I have not validated their results.

Greg McKaskle

Okay, thank you very much!

We may try a system of “calibrating” the tracking camera before the match, and then letting it auto-adjust at the end of teleop.