Camera/Sensors shipping?

I am sorry if this question has already been answered(couldn’t find it)

Do we have to ship the camera with the robot?
What about the other sensors?

If we do ship them then how can we keep working on programming?

Aside from the “fix it windows” you aren’t supposed to work on software after ship.

<R17> During the “FIX-IT WINDOWS” following the shipment of the robot: During this period, all teams may utilize one or two 5-hour FIX-IT-WINDOWS to manufacture SPARE and REPLACEMENT PARTS and develop software for their robot at their home facility. Fabrication of UPGRADE PARTS is not permitted during this period. The timing of these “FIX-IT WINDOWS” is at the discretion of the team, but all work must be completed by 5:00pm on the Friday following the robot shipment deadline. Teams may manufacture all the SPARE and REPLACEMENT parts they want, but the amount of parts they can bring to the competition event is limited (as specified in Rule <R29>).

<R18> Prior to the competitions: After the close of the “FIX-IT WINDOWS” and prior to the competition, the team must put down their tools, cease fabrication of robot parts, and cease all software development. Take this opportunity to rest, recover from the build season, and relax. Teams may scout other teams, gather and exchange information, develop game-playing strategies, collect raw materials, prepare tool kits, plan how to make repairs, etc. in preparation for the upcoming competitions. But no construction or fabrication of any hardware, or development of any software, is allowed.

Also, refer to this thread.

ok but do we really have to ship the camera? I don’t think its a smooth ride to the regional in the create.

If you use it on your robot you have to ship it. Many teams shipped cameras around last year without an issue, so don’t worry about it.

It is probably not more fragile that the robot controller & victors. If you are concerned about the location where it bolts on the bot, you could pack it in a box and/or cable tie it to the frame.