Camera Servo Problems

We have a problem with the servos being connected to the CMU board. We are using EasyC for programming (a lot easier for our team, for various reasons even though I know “hard” C). We are currently using the Servo block to set the servo position using joysticks (for testing purposes). We are basically set up like this:
pan = p1_x
tilt = p1_y
Here’s the problem, whenever we move it over to around 110, the servo jumps to 46 (i’m guessing seeing it’s the servo limit) until around 100 when it jumps back to where it should be. The same thing happens on the other side at around 144 it jumps to 46 until 154 when it jumps back.

Here’s what I’ve tried:
-I’ve tried all five camera servo ports, they all do the same thing
-I’ve tried different servos, no change
-I’ve hooked the servos directly into the RC adn they work just fine

Here’s what I plan to try:
-Hooking up the camera to LabVIEW and seeing if the same thing happens under it’s control
-Swapping out the camera board with last years to see if it is a bad board

Any one have any similar experiences? Any other ideas?

Small Update.

We just wrote a piece of code to accurately find the point at which it bugs out. We wrote it to slowly increase from 46 to 210 once every second. It would jump to 46 when it was between 100 and 110 and when it was between 200 and 210.

OK maybe the final update.

LabVIEW was giving us problems but we opened it up in last year’s java gui. We were able to change the servo position without any jumping so there is a problem with the EasyC libraries. I’m going to post somthing at the intelitek boards.