Camera signal loss?


Is any other team experiencing issues with their camera?

Before the regional, and at the regional before our first match, our camera would show a picture in the driver station dashboard when selected. Once the sandstorm started in our first match, we lost our camera signal. It was only fully functional when we needed it in one of our 7 matches today.

Are we missing something?

Add if bumpers weren’t our worst nightmare, now we have this…


Have you talked to a CSA at your event yet? What programming language are you using?


We’re using LabView.

We’ve asked around, including our mentor team, but haven’t found a solution, or haven’t asked the right person. We’ve had biggest issues that we’ve had to conquer, but we’re caught up… for now.


There are some LabView specific camera fixes. Find the CSA at your event (orange hat) and they can help you get them applied.


My team is having similar issues. The camera worked fine at our last competition and now it does not show up in driver station. We are LabView also.


This is exactly.the place 2544 has been in today. We seem to be ok in the pits and blind on the field. We have had the csa camped in our pits and nothing. It really sucks and makes the game almost unplayable. We have a descent bot this year and this is killing us. Lifecam through USB, nothing fancy, low resolution at 10 frames/second. All we want is to see. So if you are at Rochester and are using Labview thos weekend. Come on over.


We finally got it working by loading a different dashboard from the csa’s flash drive. Worked perfectly after that. You might try that. I’m not sure which dashboard he used.


There was a bug this year in the default LabVIEW camera server, causing week 1 LabVIEW teams’ USB cameras to not work. Since then, a dashboard update (v2019.2.1) has been given to CSAs at every event that fixes that bug. If your camera streaming setup is returning Error 66, this updated dashboard will likely solve that problem. Seek out your local CSA and ask them if this could be the solution.

That being said, there’s about a million reasons for camera streaming not to work properly. Some of them are a lot easier to diagnose and fix than others. It sucks, but unfortunately that’s how it is. No one wants to see teams losing or missing matches because of faulty cameras, electronics, software, etc. The CSAs at your event are there specifically to help with these kind of issues. But we’re not miracle workers, sometimes it takes some time and missed matches before we can figure out a solution.


I really wish that FIRST and NI would directly support another IP camera as the default vision solution in FIRST. IP cameras seem to be far more robust that the webcams that need to function through the roborio. Almost any connectivity issue can be gotten around by browsing directly to the camera’s IP address (assuming you’ve set it static to get around MDNS problems) and using its webpage to watch the video you need.