Camera Stream Lost in Sandstorm


At Waterbury, our team experienced lack of camera stream during sandstorm in some matches, while in other matches we did have it. During tele-op we had no issues. We are using 2 Microsoft lifecam’s.

Anyone have this same issue and know any potential fixes or sources? I can link to our github when I am not at work.

In order to reduce bandwidth, we only stream one camera at a time by switching between them.


I’m assuming you’ve lowered your resolution and frame rate? You don’t get a ton of value at anything better than 160x120, and it can be drivable with even just 10 FPS or so.


Akash, did you have a complete “blackout” on the stream for the cameras or did they freeze while in the sandstorm period?


Last I adjusted it I brought the res down

Blackout from the start.


Have not had this issue but we have an old lifecam I can plug in and try to replicate the issue tonight or tomorrow and hopefully can help.


Please share your code. The camera libraries don’t have any internal connection to auto/teleop. Are you using addSwitchedCamera() to do the camera switching? It sounds like you’re at an event–track down your local CSA to help too.



You should use addSwitchedCamera(“switched camera”) instead of getServer() at getServer() / addServer() isn’t robust, which is why we added addSwitchedCamera during the season.

You should also call setConnectionStrategy(ConnectionStrategy.kKeepOpen) on both frontCamera and backCamera. This will keep the non-selected camera from automatically disconnecting when the other camera is selected, making switching faster and more reliable.


Thanks @Peter_Johnson we’ll try that out!!