Camera Stream Reliability Issues with Pi

Hi CD, back again.

We have a usb ms lifecam and a usb fisheye lens plugged into a Pi, then plugged into the RIO. We are able to access the Pi’s dashboard to view the streams. Our issue is that the cameras only show up about 50% of the time automatically on the smart dashboard/shuffleboard. Sometimes if we delete the camera widget and bring it back in the stream works. After a somewhat random amount of time (5-10 mins) the camera streams pop up. Obviously this workaround will not be acceptable on the field. Is there anyway to mitigate/remove this?

What language are you using to program your robot code on the Rio? Have you tried going all static IPs (in particular, robot on 10.TE.AM.2)? What version of FRCVision are you using, and are you using the default program or doing something custom?

We are using java, we have not tried static IPs, we are using the latest FRCVision image, and we are using the default built-in multi camera streaming. How do we go about setting static IP’s? It’s not that the images don’t eventually show up, its that they take a non-insignificant amount of time to appear on the dashboards.

Also, in case you haven’t yet done so, you should update your WPIlib as announced in Team Update 12 - it includes bug fixes and camera streaming improvements.

Cool. I had run that on my machine, but it had not been run on the driver laptop. We got it installed and will see if performance improves.

To set static IPs, go to the web dashboards for both the Rio and the Pi and change the network settings from DHCP to Static. The address for the Rio should be 10.TE.AM.2, the Pi should be set to something like .10, and the netmask should be and router 10.TE.AM.1 for both. This link has more info:

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