Camera Targeting Code/Dashboard

Hi, team 2383 (The Ninjineers) here, and we are using Labview and having some issues incorporating rectangular target into our main framework so that we can take the distance from that process and throw it onto our dashboard. We also use the M1101 camera. If any teams have any advice on doing any of the above functions please post a reply, and if you have code that has been made already it would be a great help if you’d post it or email it to [email protected]

We have functioning code to process the image and return the distance, all on the dashboard. I will post a universal version to help you out.
here is the code. It should recognize the target, and return the distance. It is very reliable, and doesn’t take up valuable processing power on the cRIO. If you need to send info to the RIO, I can help you with UDP. hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch! Well go ahead and test it at our next meeting. If we have any issues I’ll post them thanks again!