Camera template

I am trying to get our camera to recognize color. What directory do you need to tell the c rio to look in toget it to find the template?

If you are going to use the template based approach, you will need to take steps to get those files on the cRIO in a known location. One option is simply to ftp them to the cRIO and be done with it. If you would like to treat them more like source code that may change from time to time, you can add them to the Build Script. I believe it is pretty easy to add them to the data directory. Wire a DOS-style path to the function to describe where the templates will be on the cRIO.

Greg McKaskle

I did sent the templates to the crio via ftp, but I am not sure how to change the code to look in the new directory. I looked at a tutorial, but it does not seem complete. What I saw was a directory that started with “/ni-rt/…”. Isn’t there usually a drive letter or something before the filepath?

Yes, usually the path begins with a c:. Is the path being built up internally from some partial paths? If you need further assistance, you may need to post the code. I’m not that familiar with how the template code is scripted or if it came from a specific example.

Greg McKaskle