Camera to Dashboard

We, Team 151 Tough Techs, can’t get the camera to the dashboard. We can’t get anything on the dashboard to update. The camera ip is the default and has user FRC and pass FRC.

This is on the Classmate with the correct Dashboard (the one on the right)?

Actually, we have the Dashboard on the third one and it is the right. So we have one with the left and two with the right.

When you call getInstance on the AxisCamera class the camera should automatically start sending images back to the dashboard. Are you not getting that?

Even if you are not using the camera for tracking, you still need to call AxisCamera.getInstance() before the images will connect to the video server.

I have the same issue. even when I do AxisCamera’s getInstance, the crio sends me a message back to netbeans stating that the camera task has quit due to an error.