After I initialize the camera with exposure values and find_color, I try to use camera_track_update(), checking to see if it was recieved by printing in to the screen, but I never get a value besides 0. Any help please?

I also have the same problem when trying to use camera_track_update() in user_autonomous.

It works great in the default routine first provided but for reason it seems to be always waiting for data in camera_track_update(). Isn’t it supposed to stop waiting for data after camera_find_color is called?

Any help is appreciated.

Aren’t you supposed to use camera_stop() before calling any other functions after camera_track_update()?

I may be wrong,
Hope this helps,

I’m having the same problems with camera_track_update(). It always returns 0 on the CMUCam.

I have a few questions that would help a lot if they could be answered.

The GUI can recieve pictures and data, although it freezes a lot and starts saying “Waiting for Data” after using the Java program too much.

I also tried using hyperterminal, but it takes about five seconds for it to echo any output, making it unusable. Do you know if it is easy or possible to start a color tracking mode from HyperTerminal?

Somebody from my team was able to get the camera into a “demo mode” or something like that, and then the camera swiveled to follow the colors. From there, would it be possible to read the values from the servo pwms so that the program could use them?

Does anybody know some good API documentation for the user_camera code that works reliably? The CMU Cam manual is not too helpful about these problems.

Also, slightly off-topic, but it seems like many people have had the camera fail to work when plugged into the 7.2v PWM port, while it works in the Digital I/O.
I have had this problem as well after using the cam for more than a few minutes. Do you think this may affect the camera in any way, causing it not to send data back to the serial port?

I found out what was wrong with mine…

Basically it seems that i must tell it to find the color again after camera_set_servos for scanning purposes.