camera tracks but no movement from Robot

We have our camera tracking the various colors. We are able to manually drive our robot. When we go injto autonomous mode the camera seeks out the vision tetras, but no movement happens at the robot. It just appears that no information is being sent to move the robot, Can you guys please help my programming team…


Hi! I think you haven’t declared the proper values for pwm or maybe you missing a step in your programm. If you want I can look at your code and give you suggestions here is my e-mail address

Without knowing anything about what your autonomous code is supposed to do, I can’t really suggest anything helpful. All I have are questions:
Is your autonomous code controlling the same pwm outputs as your driver code? How are you putting the robot into autonomous mode? Are you sure you aren’t accidentally disabling the robot when you’re activating autonomous?

If your program is based on the v2.4 default code, are you using pwm1 and 2 for your drive motors, or pwm11 and 12? The default tracking code puts the commands on pwm11 and 12, the same place used for single-joystick control. If you’re using two-joystick “tank” control on the lower pwms, you will have to change the tracking outputs.

If you are using the default code, there is a variable you may need to change

const int speed_setting = 150; //forward speed setting (127 to 254)

We found ours was set at 100. We bumped it up (by 10s) until we good good movement.

The real trick is taking all of that and putting it into an autonomous routine. We’re still working on that.

255 is full speed, and I like going down from there.