Camera Usage

Hey everyone! I hope everything is going well for all the teams out there. I was just wondering how many teams are actually using cameras this year. Our team decided not to.

We did what we did with the cameras in '05 and '06, put it on the shelf and let it collect dust:)



I guess you could say the lack in programmers and actually trying to get it to work because in '05 they were pointless and not many teams even attempted. In '06 we just decided that it wasn’t going to be vital to the game and we missed the “bubble” but it was a good choice on our behalf because while we had programmers they were not very experienced at it and they admitted this so we made it as simple as we could on them. This year we also don’t have the horse power to pull it off so we decided that trying to score in auton was going to be tough.

Team 931 is working on it.

Right now we have gotten the camera to work were we can drive up to the light and stop just before hitting the rack, and there is still more we are trying to plan out.