Camera Vision Range


I was wondering about the range that the camera can detect the Vision Tetra, so i know if the robot has to move forward before you can scan for it.

Thanks for your time.

If you are just going for the ones on your side you should not have to move forward at all. If you want to go for one on the opposite end of the field (the other teams vision tetras) you might have to go forward.

We’ve had some problem with that too… There’s actually a lot of scenarios that come with the camera… Anywyays… if you look at the layout of where the tetras can be, there’s no guarantee that one is going to be on the left side and the other is going to be on the right… which makes it a bit difficult, since the vision camera has a bit of a narrow view… =/

We can easily track a vision tetra target more than 30 feet away. If it’s placed in a well-lit spot, a three-foot yellow triangle on the floor 40 feet away is still detected. Distance shouldn’t be a problem.


your the only one to understand my question Thanks

We were trying out our camera but we could only see it when it was 5 feet away.

Do u know what we could be doing wrong

I would be willing to bet (actually I wouldnt as the cameras seem to have a lot of problems, but you know what I mean) that your problem is lighting. The cameras are incredibly sensitive to it.

A lot depends on the lighting, and on the proper calibration of the camera for each color.