camera wire up to power distributer

Im having an issue hooking he camera up to the power distribution board. On the diagram for power distribution, it shows the camera being hooked up to the 5 V connection on the end of the power distributer. The only problem is that I cannot find the correct connector for this 5 V slot. Originally, I thought that it was a pressure-based slot, but before i got the chance to mess with it, my mentor stopped me and said that he thought there was a connector for it. We have a bunch of connectors that seem to almost fit it (I think they’re the 12 V connectors) but just dont seem to. they’re off by just so little :frowning:

Please help. I want to get this camera working ASAP.

The 5v connection on the Power Distribution Panel is actually a built-in gray Wago connector.
There isn’t a separate connector for that one.

Just use your small screwdriver on it as you would with one of the other Wagos.

You can see an example in this photo.

Please don’t feel bad, I spent an hour looking for the connector for that spot a couple months ago when we wanted to hook up the camera on last year’s robot. I was sure it was another plug-in. I can attest, that after getting on my hands and knees and sticking my head inside the robot until I could see it, I decided it was indeed an onboard connector and no plug was needed…

At least I didn’t have to order a new connector because we lost it!

thanks this helps alot.