Camera wont reset

Hello, My team is trying to test our camera code but the camera seems to have reset its IP. We changed it back but we cant get any connection for it after that. Now after reseting it multiple times It refuses to let us access the config web page with the default IP. We need help.

If you hold down the reset button while powering the camera up, you will restore it to it’s the default IP address. Our M205 has the reset button in a spot where it’s easily pressed during power up, so be careful how it’s mounted or you can lose your configuration pretty quickly.

Also be sure you set your PC to 192.168.1.___ with a subnet of as you won’t be able to access the page if your in the wrong address range

(note: double check the IP I listed, it maybe 192.168.0.___ but I don’t think it is, can’t check till later)

If the issue is that the camera IP is occasionally reverting to the factory setting, that was due to a bug with the camera configuration tool. The utility was changing some camera properties, but apparently they weren’t consistent enough, and the camera was choosing on power-up to do a reset.

You can manually configure, or you can use the corrected config utility available on FIRSTForge attached to the bug report.

Greg McKaskle

Is this the corrected utility you’re referring to?

NI FRC Utilities Update 2.0

Actually, the patch is here.

Greg McKaskle