Camera works, but not.

Hey guys-

So we are using a brand new Axis M1011 camera. I followed the setup according to the getting started guide, and used the Axis Camera Setup tool.

I connected it to the bridge, and I get the camera image in the Dashboard just fine. However, once I enable the robot, the camera image changes to all black. It still has power, and the cable is still firmly connected. The only way to get the image back is to manually reset the camera (press the reset button) and reassign the IP address.

Any idea how to fix this?

Is it possible we have a deadish camera?

Edit: When the image is all black, I can still ping the camera using command prompt ( and it works just fine.

Check out the Utilities Update v2.0

Fixes in 2.0
cRIO Imaging Tool - Timeout error due to various network interface configurations
Setup Axis Camera Tool - Axis 206 camera loses communication after power cycle

I know this fix is for the Axis 206 but will this apply to the Axis M1011 Camera as well? Looks to me (as far as I know) it’s the same issue.

Hm, I’ll definitely try it tomorrow.


Hey, I am not sure if you are using C++ but that is what we are using, and the example vision code in windriver sets the brightness to 0. That maybe your problem.

Good point about the Brightness. The values seem to be camera dependent, and I noticed that zero was far darker on one than on the other. I think the M1011 was very dark with a zero.

Greg McKaskle

Yup, turns out it was the brightness. We are using C++.

I set the value to 50, and it still went straight to black. Set the value to 100 and it went pure white. :stuck_out_tongue:

For now I just removed that line, and everything works peachy!

Thanks for the help.