Hello this is the first year we are trying to use the camera but when we plug the camera into port #2 on the cRio, the lights dont blink, im assuming this is a problem we are using a crossover cable, are we supposed to ethernet?

What lights are you talking about? If they are the camera lights you need to plug it in to the power distribution board first.

im talking about the ethernet light ports like you see on the back of a comuputer that are orange and green i think? they blink to show a connection and right now they are not blinking for us but we have connection just not to the camera or do they just not blink?

Yea I think you are supposed to use Ethernet. Try that and see if it works.

You do have to use a crossover cable. Neither the cRIO nor the Axis camera is capable of “switching sides” to let you use a standard patch cable.

Do you have the camera connected to power? If so, what color is the ring around its lens showing?

If you’re talking about the green connection/activity LED next to the Ethernet jack, is it not lighting up at all, or is it just coming on steady and not blinking?

Do you have software loaded into the cRIO?

The camera is connected to power.
The Ring is green.
The lights arnt coming on, on the connection LED.
yes the cRio is updated to v.27 and the code is deployed onto the cRio
any ideas on why?

The crossover cable might be faulty. Can you test it? For example, you might use it to connect your computer directly to the camera and view the camera’s web interface.

i used the same crossover cable to set up its setting but i did realize i didnt set one of the settings so i better try that tomorrow, because im at home now! but good thing is its a 2 hour late start tomorrow!:slight_smile: