Hello everyone, I’m from a new team in Brazil, and as we are still starting with labview, I would like some help on how to transmit a USB camera connected to the roborio directly to the dashboard. we are having difficulty in this matter

Here’s a snipped of example code (note that the majority of this is already in Periodic, just make sure the boolean constant at the start is set to ‘True’)

Here’s the docs on using the default dashboard: FRC LabVIEW Dashboard — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

(note the comments in Cemera Image and Controls section about using the Mode selector).

Lastly, I will warn you that to use a USB camera with the roboRIO, it is easiest if it is one that will work on the roboRIO with the default USB drivers. (if I recall correctly, the webcam that comes in the KoP does work, but others may not…, may require testing).

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