I am a mentor of Team 1506 Metal Muscle. We are having trouble interfacing the robot controller with the camera. If you haven’t noticed, the camera board this year is different from last years. I have seen a few posts about this, but no real solution.

We were wondering in general what we should do to…

The kids assembled the camera properly and to spec and did a really good job. We can make the camera take pictures and move around using the CmuCam2 Gui, as well as track, but tracking is limited. We didn’t use the camera with last years board so we dont know how to interface.

Any advice, ideas, or input would be much appreciated!

How are you making the camera move using the Gui? There’s no provision this year for controlling the pan and tilt servos with anything other than the Robot Controller pwm outputs.

We couldnt figure out how to use this years board…so we used last years. Not real sure how this works.

this is the best resource for this year’s camera

If you were intending to use last year’s camera on the 2007 robot, then that’s illegal according to the GDC.