I cant seem to get the Camera working properly. As of right now I have the camera set up as follows.

user: root
pass: admin

Exposure Auto
Fluorescent 1
Brightness: 40

Im using the TwoColorDemo code just for testing purposes and I cant get it to pickup on the green flag.

As always any suggestions would be fantastic!

Hopefully you have Vision Assistant installed. In the Start menu>>National Instruments>>Vision launch it.

Use it to grab an image, or you can even use the http tool to grab an image of the target when it is failing to ID the target. Then Open the image into vision assistant.

In the assistant, double click on the line profile tool. Set the RGB ring near the graph to HSL, and draw a line across the target (both colors).

This will give you the HSL numbers and you can determine why the green thresholds are excluding the target under those conditions.

Post the image if you have troubles analyzing it.

Greg McKaskle

I actually did use vision assistant and I just entered in the default settings.

It picks up on the green perfect when I pull it into vision assistant so I think its either in the code or its getting caught up in the crio and the camera isnt working properly?

On another note I am using 160x120

I also tried 0 to 255 ranges and still got nothing.

Any Suggestions?

If it isn’t the color of the fabric, make sure it isn’t because of the orientation. Flip the target or check the code to make sure the target color is described correctly.

Greg McKaskle

What do you mean by flip the target? As I have said its the default TwoColorTrackDemo that everyone else has been using and getting to work.

I defined the color right because it highlights the flag perfectly in NI Vision Assistant

What I mean is that the two color code looks for either pink over green or green over pink. It will not consider single patches of color or the wrong orientation to be a target.

Greg McKaskle

i would either use a PCVideoServer just declare it and open up labview dashboard, or connect directly to the camera, then copy the picture to the GIMP, and crop to the Green/Pink, then go to Colors, info, histogram, and change between red, G, and b, and see the average colors, thats how we are tuning the colors