Cameras allowed on the robot

Which cameras are permitted for use on the robot?

Naturally, you can still use the Axis IP cameras from previous years. However, if you want to use a USB camera, you need to make sure that the camera is Linux UVC compatible. This means just about any Logitech USB web cam as well many others from different manufacturers.

You can go to: to get a listing of all of the UVC compatible devices.

On the couple of 'bots we’ve got running so far, we’ve been using the Logitect C920 hi-def camera because it does the H.264 encoding in the camera itself, which reduces the load on the RoboRio considerably. That camera is ~$79 at our local Bestbuy.



Anyone know if this interfaces with the roboRIO?

We really only want a camera to send video back to the driver station so we can see even with tall stacks. Would this work for that?

Edit: Yes you can!