Cameras in LabVIEW

One of my goals for this year is to use a camera to track the retro reflective tape, but my team doesn’t use sensors very often, so I don’t know how to program them. Is there a good resource somewhere that explains how to do that? Thank you.

There’s a whole section of the official FIRST/WPI documentation that discusses Vision Processing for this year’s game and the vision examples that shipped with each language for this year’s target:

Thank you, but is there a resource somewhere that explains in greater detail how to program the camera to detect where the light is?

I’m confused. Did you read all of the articles in that section? That site explains, in detail, a sample program provided with LabVIEW to detect the Hot goal reflective targets.

Did you have specific questions about what you read, or is there something else you are looking for?

Another resource to look through it the vision tutorial that is on the Getting Started screen. It should have step-by-step instructions for experimenting with the camera and image processing.

Greg McKaskle

Oh, I see it now, thank you.