CameraServer Error exitcode1

So I’ve been having issues running a camera server to simply get a camera feed back from a Logitech c920 plugged into the RoboRio

The code was perfectly fine for our first event but it no longer seems to work, and is giving us the following error
“WARNING. wpilib.cs :CameraServer process exited with exitcode 1”

How do I resolve this?

More information is required. Netconsole or the driver station logs should have more information about what the precise error is… hopefully a traceback or something.

Failing that, you can also SSH into the robot directly (username lvuser or admin, no password), and execute “python -m cscore”. If it crashes then, you should see any error messages. If it doesn’t crash… weird.

Also, you might be falling prey to the networktables bug. Make sure all of your RobotPy software is updated.