CameraServer IP Address?

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question. What is the IP Address of a USB Camera that is setup with the cameraserver class? We’re trying to run GRIP on the driver station (after failing to run it on a Raspberry Pi & RoboRIO) and I’m trying to set up the camera as an IP Source.



P.S. Is my code correct?

server = CameraServer.getInstance();
camera = new USBCamera("cam0");

I have no experience with GRIP, but I imagine you could find the IP of a camera through the Networking and Sharing Center on your computer (The one connected to said camera), or through the device manager.

See Unless this has changed since then, GRIP doesn’t support USB cameras on the roboRio using CameraServer at present due to the non-standard protocol used by the current CameraServer.

We’re planning on fixing this for 2017 with a new camera server implementation that provides standard MJPEG-over-HTTP. In the meantime you can look at using mjpg-streamer instead of CameraServer (see and The IP address would be the IP address of the roboRio.