cammera output to driver station

We currently attached a cammera to our robot and made a vi for it on labview but we dont know how to make the cammera output to the driver station. What functions would we use to make it output to the driverstation?

The default robot project includes everything necessary for the camera data to appear on the standard Dashboard. You just need to follow the directions in the How to Configure Your Camera guide to change the admin password, then connect the camera to Ethernet port 2 of the cRIO using a crossover cable.

hi. My team has similiar troubles to that of the post you replied to, i found your post very helpful and am very grateful for it now i am just wondering were to find the how to configure your camera you referenced. a little roadmap of the website would be very helpful, thank you.

You already know how to find the Game Manual and Related Documents, right?
The direct link is
Don’t forget the Team Updates at

Your one-stop-shop for everything else is the Kit of Parts web page: