Can 1 Talon drive 2 and/or more motors?


First of all, Chief Delphi completely changed since I’ve been here last, so if I’m doing something wrong, posting this in the wrong place, or whatever, please inform me.

Literally what the title says. My team and I were trying to drive multiple (2) motors with 1 Talon, and it wasn’t working. Just posting here asking if anyone has pulled it off, and if it is possible, if it’s a good idea. Thanks.


Its only possible for specific motors. Refer to Rule R37. I uploaded a screenshot of the rule. Only the automotive motors, the andymark PG, snowblower, and Neverest can be run with 2 motors on 1 motor controller. If they are essentially being slaved to each other it can be a good idea to save a PDP slot.


If you are planning on not using one of the motors listed I believe you can slave other motor controllers off of an SRX in code.


If you are using a motor not listed, you can slave the other motor to the first motor’s SRX if the other controller is another SRX or a Victor SPX. However, this will require two separate motor controllers.


I truly believe you’re asking two different questions here. First, you’re asking if it’s POSSIBLE. Yeah, sure, it’s totally possible - two or more motors can be driven off a single motor controller. Be sure to understand the difference between wiring your motors in serial or in parallel and how that impacts your motors BEFORE you do it (though it’s a great experiment). If you “can’t make it work”, you need to take a step back and ask “what am I doing wrong” before proceeding. Likely you’re doing something very, very wrong and need to understand things before proceeding. However, the question others seem to be asking is whether it’s ALLOWED by the rules. It’s only allowed for specific motors because those motors probably don’t draw a lot of current, and won’t immediately begin tripping breakers when both motors go into stall. Like the NeveRest motors, those are FTC style motors and are meant for the low-amp fuses that FTC uses.


As the rules question seems solved, back to the problem of

If you wire the motors in parallel, both motors get full voltage and you should get full performance from the small motors for which this is legal, and decent-ish performance from the larger ones. However, if you wire the motors in series, each one will only get half voltage, which will reduce performance drastically.