Can 1323 Plz pick 2910

They are in the same division, I really want to see 1323 pick 2910 and swerve on everyone. I know its been normal to pick a rocket bot as first pick but 2910 is pretty different and at that high in the game, 2910 can do the bottom of both rockets and 1323 can just finish up. It would be so cool to see that happen!
In reality 1323 is probably gonna pick 973. It would be so cool though


I think 1323 is going to pick 2910 because you politely asked them to.


Hey 1323 I know we aren’t going to champs but could you please pick us. Pretty please.


Alright, I promise im not on 2910 (no really) but yea that would be one hell of a match to watch!

Well you’ll be able to see 2910 face 1323… also not sure what the legitimate goal of this thread was.


Your team page is on your profile :slight_smile:

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It’s actually some 1000 iq reverse mind game 4d chess to get 1323 to pick 973 and not 2910 by planting the idea that they will pick 973 into 1323’s head.


Ah hell you got me! But for real tho 0 null panels and good anti defense/ defense they could out cycle anyone. The only ones I see on Einstein that can beat them is 1678 but that is because of the 36 point climb.

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Lol in 2017, 1323 and 16 would have been quite the swerve alliance, but it didn’t quite work out so maybe the same will stay true now.

2910 is leagues better than 16 was in 2017 and 1323s robot is even better than it was then


Unpopular opinion but, I don’t think they this will be as crazy as an alliance as everyone thinks, and here’s why. 1323 has primarily run matches will null hatches but if they were to do this with 2910 even with only one side it’s likely that they would run out of scoring opportunities. I’m sure this wouldn’t hurt 1323 all that much with all the cargo around the rocket but there’s a much bigger issue that I could see happening. For 2910 and 1323 alliance to score effectively they would have to be extremely coordinated, this is because at one point 2910 is going to have to switch sides of the cargo ship. Weather 1323 is done with their rocket or not they will probably have to switch side’s at this point as well, and if they don’t defense will wreak havoc on them. Furthermore, 2910 will be in a side driver, this results in extremely low visibility of the off-hand side fo the cargo ship; I’m not sure how much affect them but given how low their bot is, it could definitely slow things down. Overall I feel that the simplicity of having two bots that can do all levels of the rocket for scoring on an alliance makes things a whole lot easier. Imo This alliance will probably get them out of their division but I don’t know about Einstein.


Those two teams have two of the best drivers in FRC. If its possible to coordinate to any level, they will do it.


Alliances get to pick their driver stations for champs elims.




It’s still possible… tomorrow could get interesting.

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Only if 973 doesn’t pick them (or if they decline) and 973 doesn’t pick 2910. I don’t know the teams’ intentions personally, but I would bet on 973-1323 pairing up.

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From the FUN discord here is a link to Newton practice match 7 with 1323, 2910 and 3598. Kinda gives you an idea of what this could look like (with no defense of course).

I think it was decided in the discord chat that they were 17 points from the max possible score.



damn you got me there Eugene.