Can 8mm keyed ("cim bore") pinions be used on falcon 500 splined shafts?

My team is planning to retrofit our swerve drive specialties mkII swerve modules with with falcon 500 motors this year, but andymark seems out be out of 20 dp 16T falcon bore spur pinions (the drop in replacement for the 8mm keyed ones that come with the drives).

Is it possible to use more standard 8mm bore pinions on falcon 500 motors?

Im fairly certain keyed pinions would fit onto the shaft, but without splines there is nothing to transmit torque… My first thought was to use setscrews, but I dont think most cim pinions have them (i would have to tap some holes i guess) so maybe loctite 638 (or somthing similar) would do the trick? Getting that off would be a real pain tho so maybe just using a more standard sized falcon pinon is the best option…

I think that you may be able to get a different output shaft for the Falcons.

Believe this is what you are looking for.


^ Just wanted to add I’ve used this, and it works great.

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