Can a compressor run during the match?

Basically what the title says, we are not entirely sure if an air compressor can run during a match, we’re not exactly skilled or knowledgeable in terms of pneumatics. We never saw if it’s specifically mentioned in the manual

Sorry if this is a really noob question.

Well what would the point be of an on board compressor if you can’t run the compressor during a match?

Sorry if I sound snarky or rude, not what I want to convey but it’s kinda hard through text format.

Regardless, if I understand your question correctly, during a match, if your air pressure is low enough, your compressor will automagically kick on and fill up your air pressure again, and that is 100% legal (it’s written in the WPILib package code!).

If you’re asking about not having tanks and having the compressor just compress the air with no storage units, that is not a good idea.

You’re fine, again kinda a noob question and we really didn’t know much about pneumatics, and I didn’t realize it was also written in the code. We were talking about the compressor with tanks.

Thank you though, still helpful to clear it up.

You can run a compressor during the match, but only if you are stationary. You can’t be moving while you compressor is on. It’s too dangerous.


A couple things you might want to keep in mind:

  1. You also have the option of just putting a large number of tanks on your robot and working with a fixed supply of air. Depending on the amount of air you’re using, this may / may not be a better solution.
  2. Running the compressor during the match has non-negligible current draw. Depending on how many other motors you’re running at once, this could be a concern.
  3. There’s also some vibration from the compressor. Keep this in mind if you have sensors near the compressor.

I don’t think most teams have issues with these items, but they’re good to keep in mind if you’re experiencing weird errors.

It is 100% legal just make sure that you are not trapping air before going onto the field! We had an illegal system at the Milwaukee regional last year and it took us till about 2 minutes before we went on the field for our first qualification match to fix it!

yes, that is the entire point of a compressor on board your robot. Good luck on the last week of build!

Yes, perfectly legal! Our robots have had compressors run during matches every year we’ve used pneumatics.

Yes, but when it does run off, it is a PIA for the robot to catch it. And, if it gets more than 15" away from the robot, it is a foul.

Needed this after the day I have had…

Dont gotta be rude, First year students have questions that may seem obvious to you. Jusayin