Can a goalie block in Autonomous??

The ROBOT starts in a team’s own GOALIE ZONE - the one next to your driver station, between the other alliance’s low goals.

There is no limit to the number of ROBOTS in the GOALIE ZONE at the start of the match.

However, only one of the ROBOTS can go over 5 feet tall at a time.

I got the same opinion as you but i think this is a good question for Q&A… the problem is the definition of what is “their” goalie zone… lets say im red, is it the zone on the red side or is it the zone that i will be in if im defending?

Definition in the Glossary:

GOALIE ZONE: the area in front of an ALLIANCE’S ALLIANCE WALL, bounded by the opponent’s LOW GOALS and black tape.

(emphasis mine)

my impression of reading the rule was that if you started in the goal zone in autonomus that you had to stay there for the entire match. does this mean that we will see solely defensive robots? i dont know

Where’d you find that? Or were you thinking of this rule? G15
During AUTO,
A. a ROBOT starting in the white ZONE may not cross fully beyond the TRUSS
B. a ROBOT starting in its GOALIE ZONE must remain in contact with the carpet in its GOALIE ZONE.
Violation: FOUL. If contact with an opponent ROBOT, TECHNICAL FOUL.

(emphasis mine)

I agree, so even if all three bots can’t shoot, hopefully one or two of them would be at least able to get the 5 points by moving from the white to red zone, rather than sitting pointlessly in the goalie zone.

G15-B is where i read it. but i think i read into it too much.