Can a Limelight and Chameleon vision be used at the same time on the same bot?

My team is looking at getting a limelight but with them being out of stock and no pre-order option we are a little worried about not getting one for the upcoming season. I started to look into “making” one using an HD camera a green LED ring a raspberry pi 4. I found this idea in another discussion I’ll link once I find it again. But I was wondering since many teams use more than one could these two systems run on the same robot?

To channel the GDC: there are no rules that prohibit this.

To not channel the GDC: yes, doing this will work. You will need a network switch to give you enough Ethernet ports to connect both simultaneously.

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The Limelight 2+ was released yesterday, and they’re restocking tonight at 3:00 PM as per the linked post.

As for your question about using two systems at once: I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but if you mean using them in exact parallel (not one tracking at a time) it would be tougher but not impossible.

As mentioned by Peter_Johnson, you will need an ethernet switch.

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With correct IP addresses you can run both.

Note that you probably don’t want to stream all of them back to the driver station simultaneously, as you’ll hit the 4mbps cap pretty quick. But you’d be able to pick which ones to use in code.

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Keep in mind if you use any ethernet-connected coprocessor you need an ethernet switch anyway. A lot of teams don’t realize this until they get to their first event and have to unplug their coprocessor to tether up to their robot.

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I’m a big proponent of tethering over USB for one reason - it seems to shave off 20-30 seconds during the initial connection stage (useful for back-to-back Finals matches). Yet in the past, teams still couldn’t access their co-processor over the USB tether.

In 2020, tethering over USB should allow you to see any device on the Ethernet network via WPILib’s new bridging software. So if there is only one additional Ethernet device, a network switch could be unnecessary*

*Subject to the research that Team 900 has done on the unreliability of the 2nd port of the official FRC wireless bridge.


yea since chameleon runs on a different processor then the lime light they shouldn’t interfere with each other

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