Can a payload specialist throw during autonomous mode?

I saw this in the forum before but I couldnt find it in the rules. Where is this in the rules? Thanks!

From the Q&A:

There is nothing in the rules that prohibit the Payload Spec1alists from throwing Moon Rocks during Autonomous.

And please note, that even though it is spelled “Payload Spec1alists” with a 1 instead of an “I” they mean Payload Specialists.
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Our team deduced that a moon rock can be used by the payload specialist the whole match and the deinition of the match is the 2 minute and 15 secind period… and therefore includes autonomous. It’s nice to see reinforment though.

Remember that PS’s are not allowed to handle moon rocks before the match begins (<G40A>).

<G40B> says that PS’s can handle rocks after the start of the match. The start of the match is autonomous.